It’s great to see real results in the industry – we recently uncovered an article from Pandora FMS about how it saved significant amounts on its IT budget.

The article is an interview with Sancho Lerena, the founder and CEO of the IT monitoring platform Pandora FMS. Lerena discusses how Pandora FMS serves as a comprehensive observability solution for a wide array of IT components within an organisation’s infrastructure, including network infrastructure, servers, applications, and more.

He also talks about the types of companies that can benefit the most from using a monitoring platform like Pandora FMS, emphasising its ability to provide complete visibility into IT infrastructure, enabling effective troubleshooting, optimization, and service quality improvement.

Additionally, Lerena mentions that Pandora FMS is focused on adding complete features for security monitoring, security management, and full IT automation to offer customers an all-in-one monitoring and security solution.

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