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InterGen Builds Times-Series Forecasting and Advanced Energy Trading

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Every business has a unique set of challenges when it comes to data. The ‘one-size-fits all’ agency often fails to deliver tangible value quickly, while hiring an in-house team takes time to onboard effectively. In the fast-moving energy landscape, organisations of all sizes need a tailored data strategy to tackle complex problems, identify new areas of opportunity and capitalise on a shrinking window of opportunity.

Hypercube’s wide range of end-to-end solutions provides the right mix of strategic planning and executional services to solve specific data challenges in the energy sector.

Maximise YourInvestment

by working with people who speak your language

Our team has extensive experience helping companies in the energy sector harness their data to deliver critical insights and intelligence that drive business transformation. You won’t waste time teaching us how your industry operates. We have the know-how to start producing results for you immediately.

Make SmarterDecisions

by partnering an end-to-end business partner

We deliver strategic and executional services, helping business leaders in the energy sector develop the optimal data roadmap and provide the data management, data engineering, business intelligence, and analytics services to make it a reality – filtering out the fluff and mapping work to business value.

MinimiseProject Risk

by leveraging a flexible, milestone-based process

Our ‘Proof of Value’ agile delivery process is designed to provide tangible business outcomes at every stage of a project lifecycle – from discovery to implementation – while offering flexibility to business leaders to adapt scope based on results. And we’re fast. You’ll have your first delivery in under two weeks.

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End-to-End Data Solutions

High-level data strategy through to tactical delivery of data engineering, business intelligence, data management, machine learning, and other data services for the energy sector – all under one roof. We will help you understand your goals, identify the key initiatives where to invest, and deliver a customised plan to help you get there.

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Data Strategy

We help you build a data and analytics strategy that drives results and grows with your goals.


  • Data Maturity Assessment
  • Roadmap Development
  • Business Alignment
  • Technology and Governance
  • Resource Acquisition
  • People Training


  • Fractional Data Officer
  • Data Architect
  • Analytics Architect
  • Head of Data Science
  • Head of Engineering

Data Engineering

We leverage data tools to empower your organisation to maximise your data, break down silos, and improve time-to-insights.


  • Data Platform Development
  • ETL and Migration
  • Data Warehousing
  • Data Architecture
  • Data Migration
  • Data Pipelines


  • Data Engineer
  • ML Engineer
  • Data Visualisation Engineer
  • BI Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Analytics Engineer

Data Science

We take your business data and build bespoke machine learning and analytics models to solve your business challenges.


  • Predictive Analytics
  • MLOps and Engineering
  • Decision Support
  • Mathematical Optimisation
  • Generative AI Solutions
  • Data Dashboards


  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Statistician
  • ML Engineer
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Step 1: Solutions Scoping

Define specific business challenges and prioritise potential solutions.

Step 2: Proof of Value

Short, time-boxed project is delivered, proving feasibility and value for future solutions.

Step 3: Minimum Viable Solution

Develop the full solution, meeting initial requirements to deliver value for the organisation.

Step 4: Iterative Development

Expand minimum viable solution to meet evolving needs as business gains insights.

Step 5: Continual Improvement

Ensure client has the necessary tools, skills and support to maximise value over the long-term.

Experts in Your Technology

We are tech-agnostic – working directly with the systems and platforms you already use to deliver results fast, on budget, and to maximum effect.

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